IVS has Mobile Solutions for Your Heavy-Duty Cleanup Needs in Southern California.

Our heavy-duty industrial vacuum units are known as being the most reliable and safest in the industry.
  • Sand, concrete and gravel
  • Environmental Clean-up
  • Replaces Vacuum Trucks
  • Sump and Tank Cleaning
  • Conveyor & Loading Pocket
  • Shaft Bottom Clean-up & Sump
  • Pumping of difficult material
  • Mucking Raise Bore

About IVS

Industrial Vacuum Systems uses innovative Vacuum Air Technology (Venturi Pump) powered by compressed air to vacuum/discharge a large variety of wet or dry materials that fits through our 4" system. Our system is totally portable and self sufficient. Our portable units can move a wide variety of materials including sand, rock, dirt, sludge, slime, oil, oil sand, mud, slurry, water, waste, sewage, debris, etc. We can reposition the material anywhere onsite or up to 3 miles away through a pipeline.

One operator can move up to 15 tons per hour of difficult materials! In sumps with heavy sludges an operator can efficiently muck up to 55,000 liters per hour and deliver it to your desired location. Our crews are ready to respond to your job site or emergency spill/clean-up needs. For hiring crews, rental and sales call 805-223-0107.


Industrial Vacuum Photos

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Videos of the IVAC in Action


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