PV500 Vacuum Specifications

Air Consumption: 500 C.F.M @ 100 P.S.I
Vacuum Loading rate: 58.7 S.C.F.M @ 25 “ H.G
Control Power (batteries): 12 Volt D.C
Operator Controls (Man/Auto Vacuum/Discharge): Also Reverse Vacuum NEW!
Height: 77”
Width: 36”
Length: 70”
Vacuum Inlet: 4” Cam Lock
Discharge Outlet: 4” Victaulic
Air Inlet: 2” N.P.T
Pressure Vessel: Certified
Weight: 1800 LBS


•  The PV500 Vacuum unit cycles from vacuum to discharge when the pressure vessel is filled with the material being vacuumed. This is set by the operator on a timer located in the control box. Overfilling will not damage the unit.
•  Material being vacuumed does not come in contact with any moving parts.
•  Handles wet or dry material, sludges, slurries, sand, gravel, and rock.
•  Batteries are good for approximately one-month continuous operation before recharge.
•  Virtually maintenance free as there are only three moving parts (knife, gate, valves).
•  There are no filters to clean or replace.